About CSSC


Quality Policy

"CSSC emphasizes to produce the quality standard portfolio with professional staff and the learning organization."

Standard Quality
Professional Learning Organization

Quality Policy Description
1. "Standard" - "Produce Standard Output"
CSSC aims to produce a standard works with the accepted and reliable quality of organizations in the international level with the professional honesty.

2. "Quality" - "Qualified Staff"
CSSC underlines quality and high potential staff. Staff have been continuously developed to have knowledge, ability, and experience and to morally perform their duties; smart and good staff who are required from society.

3. "Professional"
CSSC provides academicians who have specialized knowledge and experience to professionally work with professional honesty. Our works are verifiable and without conflict of interests.

4. "Learning Organization"
CSSC intends to be a learning organization where give the continuous and serious development in following aspects; organization management, staff development, resource management and works production.