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Advisory Committee

Executive Committee

Top Management of the CSSC
Image 1 Dr.Dhirayut  Chenvidhya Director dhirayut.che@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Asst.Prof.Dr.Anawach  Sangsawang Deputy Director - Academic Affairs Division anawach.san@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Dr.Roongrojana  Songprakorp Deputy Director - Administration and Planning Division
and Quality Affairs Division
Image 1 Mr.Chamnan  Limsakul Assistant Director chamnan.lim@kmutt.ac.th

Management Team - Academic Affairs Division
Image 1 Dr.Tanokkorn  Chenvidhya Manager of Research and Development Dept. tanokkorn.ban@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Ballang  Muenpinij Manager of Testing Development Dept. ballang.mue@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Manit  Seapan Manager of Testing Dept. manit.sea@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Thanawit  Srisaksomboon Manager of Maintenance and Instrumentation Dept. thanawit.sri@kmutt.ac.th

Management Team - Administrative and Quality Division
Image 1 Mr.Ballang  Muenpinij Manager of Quality Systems Development Dept. ballang.mue@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Yaowanee  Sangpongsanont Manager of Quality Assurance Dept. yaowanee.san@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Dr.Roongrojana  Songprakorp Manager of Planning Dept. roongrojana.son@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Sarisa  Chueakul Manager of Administration Dept. sarisa.chu@kmutt.ac.th

Staff in Academic Affairs Div.
Research and Development Dept.
Image 1 Asst.Prof.Dr. Sumate  Naetiladdanont Research Staff sumate.nae@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Asst.Prof.Dr. Mongkol  Konghirun Research Staff mongkol.kon@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Asst.Prof.Dr.Supakit  Chotigo Research Staff supakit.cho@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Panom  Parinya Researcher panom.par@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Wacharakorn  Ketren Asst. Researcher wacharakorn@pdti.kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Wilawan  Seekeaw Asst. Researcher wilawan.see@kmutt.ac.th
Testing Dept.
Image 1 Mr.Panom  Parinya Head of PV Testing Unit panom.par@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Yaowanee  Sangpongsanont Head of Battery Testing Unit yaowanee.san@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Ballang  Muenpinij Head of BOS Testing Unit ballang.mue@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Setawish  Areesakulkij Unit Engineer and Test Eng. setawish@pdti.kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Sittichai  Mongkornrit Unit Engineer and Test Eng. sittichai.mon@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Natthanan  Chanchit Unit Engineer and Test Eng. n_chanchit@hotmail.com
Image 1 Mr.Wanchana  Wicharchan Technician wanchana@pdti.kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Sutthirat  Apiratnantakul Technician sutthirat.api@kmutt.ac.th
Maintenance and Instrumentation Dept.
Image 1 Mr.Manit  Seapan Head of Calibration Sect. manit.sea@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Mr.Thanawit  Srisaksomboon Head of Maintenance Sect. thanawit.sri@kmutt.ac.th
Staff in Administration and Planning Div.
Image 1 Mr.Peerawat  Srisaksomboon Head of Business Unit and Admin. officer peerawat.sri@kmutt.ac.th
Image 1 Ms.Namphon  Inpattra Admin. officer namphon.inp@kmutt.ac.th
  [As of Jan 2015]